International Donation of Books

当NPO法人が運営する電子図書館への図書の寄贈を募集しています。 新品の本以外にも、古本や読み終わった本も寄贈を受け入れています。下記の宛先までご郵送ください。ご希望の方には受領証をお送りします。直接お持ち込みされたい方は事前にご連絡ください。

For questions or inquiries about book donation, please contact with a mail form.

Where to send books

Postal Mark TOKUSHIMANI DENSHI TOSHOKANWO TSUKUTTEMIRUKAI, N.P.O., 85 Ohkubo, Ohmatsu-cho, Tokushima-shi, Tokushima-ken, 770-8022, Japan
Phone +81-90-6518-4441

Acceptable book type examples

We welcome almost any books. Below are some examples.

🙂 Hardbacks, Pocket Edition Books, Portable Books, Paperbacks
🙂 Magazines
🙂 Textbooks, Technical Books
🙂 Children's Books, Juvenile Literature, Picture Books
🙂 English Books, Foreign Books
🙂 Comics
🙂 Digital Books
🙂 Illustrated Reference Books, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Collected Works
🙂 Art Collection Book, Photo books
🙂 Self-published Books, Magazines with a small circulation, Doujinshi, ZINE
🙂 Free Papers
🙂 Thesis
🙂 Adult magazines, Porn
🙂 Manuscripts
🙂 Used Books, Old Books, Weeded Books
🙂 Ancient Documents, Books about Hometown
🙂 Movies, Videos, VHS, DVD, CD, LD, Other Audiovisuals

For the media listed below, please contact us before donation.。

😅 Computer Softwares
😅 Fine Arts
😅 Newspapers