International Donation of Books

We welcome most of the books including used books, DVDs, CDs. Donated books will be stored in our Internet library. If you are interested in donating books, please feel free to contact us. We welcome digitalized book contents if you prefer to send digital data rather than physical books

For questions or inquiries about book donation, please contact with a mail form.

Where to send books

Postal Mark 1F, NPO Village, 4-18-7, Shimosuketoh-cho, Tokushima-shi, Tokushima-ken, 770-0805, Japan
Phone +81-90-6518-4441

Acceptable book type examples

We welcome almost any books. Below are some examples.

🙂 Hardbacks, Pocket Edition Books, Portable Books, Paperbacks
🙂 Magazines
🙂 Textbooks, Technical Books
🙂 Children's Books, Juvenile Literature, Picture Books
🙂 English Books, Foreign Books
🙂 Comics
🙂 Digital Books
🙂 Illustrated Reference Books, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Collected Works
🙂 Art Collection Book, Photo books
🙂 Self-published Books, Magazines with a small circulation, Doujinshi, ZINE
🙂 Free Papers
🙂 Thesis
🙂 Adult magazines, Porn
🙂 Manuscripts
🙂 Used Books, Old Books, Weeded Books
🙂 Ancient Documents, Books about Hometown
🙂 Movies, Videos, VHS, DVD, CD, LD, Other Audiovisuals

For the media listed below, please contact us before donation.。

😅 Computer Softwares
😅 Fine Arts
😅 Newspapers